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Our regional sustainability strategy and governance is built on a mission to inspire and support our stakeholders to develop and implement our common purpose. Our work underpins our ambitions to significantly contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s), accelerate the global energy transition and deeply inspire and support our people to adopt the universal values of ‘people, planet and profit’ harmoniously.

AMEA Sustainability Report

2021 was a challenging and transitional year for all of us. The economic recovery from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic brought a rebound in energy demand around the globe. Supply-side constraints and the urgency to act on climate actions has increased our need to accelerate the transition to a low-carbon economy. We are conscious of our important role as a regional positive energy partner for progress, we work with our local and regional stakeholders to ensure that environmental and social requirements are deeply embedded in our daily operations, economic decisions and our long-term strategic thinking. Our determination and commitment to sustainable development is deeply rooted in our ethics and principles of doing business. Our progress in sustainability is, however, made possible because of the dedication of our employees, to whom we remain grateful, and we commit to honouring their trust.

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Climate Action

Climate action has never been more critical. The urgency to curb emissions are rapidly growing as more businesses commit to taking action to avoid catastrophic outcomes. At ENGIE, we acknowledge our role as a business leader in addressing our own emissions and supporting our stakeholders to avoid and reduce their carbon footprints.

Our Targets:

  • Net Zero by 2045
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the production of electricity to 43 Mt in 2030 which is a certified Science-Based target

Startups back by ENGIE

ENGIE is a global leader in low-carbon energy and services, committed to driving energy transition through innovative energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly solutions.

As the startup studio of ENGIE Group, ENGIE Factory works closely with founders who champion the vision to decarbonise our world. We fund these new startups and support founders to scale their business globally through collaboration with ENGIE.



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Mangrove Rehabilitation

Our “Blue Carbon” project, a pioneer for the region in partnership with Environmental Agency Abu Dhabi (EAD), is a mangrove habitat restoration project using drone technology. The purpose is to ensure the restoration of the region’s natural biodiversity, whilst also addressing our climate actions.

With innovative custom built drone technology, we will be able to restore the mangroves by planting approximately 10,000 seeds within a lagoon in Mirfa, Abu Dhabi, which is in close proximity to our gas and desalination operations in Mirfa. Through traditional planting methods, this would have taken years and done within a period of a few months. This highlights how technology can be used efficiently for the benefits of the environment.

ENGIE is committed to a low carbon transition, and through natural based solutions its positively contributing to the sustainable development goals. Projects such as the Blue Carbon project are fully aligned with ENGIE’s decarbonization pathway as it uses scientific expertise to provide innovative solutions to offset CO2 emissions.

Education in ENGIE

Supporting strong roles for young people so that they are involved in creating and delivering initiatives that address the needs of their communities, is imperative. ENGIE believes that giving young people a seat at spaces and places of influence, has the potential to achieve great leaders and a sustainable future.

Our partnerships with Universities, Schools, NGO’s and other Youth Development programs enables us to nurture tomorrow’s creative talent and leaders, thereby helping them flourish and continue to innovate.


Diversity and Inclusion

At ENGIE, we believe in empowering our people, creating equal opportunities, and building an inclusive society. We leverage our remarkable diversity of people across the world to achieve ENGIE’s purpose.

Our commitment to gender parity encompasses programs both within the company and externally within our communities.

Empowering women and supporting their career paths are key initiatives at ENGIE. Our Women-In-Network programs, mentoring programs and our career development trainings such as our BOOST programs are aimed at reaching a 50% women representation ensuring a gender parity by 2030.

Health and Safety

With people being at the centre of our business, investing in the health, safety and well-being of our employees is crucial to our sustainability. Keeping the people who work for us safe is one of our most fundamental responsibilities. We promote the highest level of safety practices from our employees, contractors and suppliers so as to ensure, they return home safely to their loved ones.

Ethics & Compliance

As a leader in the energy transition market, and consistent with our organisational purpose, we continue to bring value and transparency to our stakeholders. Our alignment and commitment to external ESG requirements are a testament to the transparency and accountability as an organisation.

Our pledge to working with integrity, transparency, openness and accountability coupled with responsible leadership behaviour stands as the cornerstone of our ethical governance.


Protecting our environment, conserving scarce resources, and improving energy and resource efficiency within our operations are key strategies and practices aimed at reducing our climate impacts.

ENGIE is participating in biodiversity conservation by:

  • increasing its knowledge of environmental issues, increasing its awareness of the impacts of biodiversity loss,
  • managing the negative impacts on biodiversity at its sites through the implementation of action plans that protect and restore natural habitats.
  • increasing support through CSR programs that protect, restore and rehabilitate natural habitats.