The long-term Positive Partner to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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District Cooling


ENGIE has been present in power generation in Saudi Arabia for over 20 years. We operate 7.5 GW of assets, mostly gas-powered plants (CCGTs and OCGTs) representing 10% of the country's installed capacity. ENGIE is also committed to support Saudi Arabia's transition to clean energy by developing renewables in the country.

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ENGIE is a leading independant water producer in Saudi Arabia, providing 800,000 m3 desalinated water per day. We operate one of the world's largest desalination plants, representing 11% of the country's desalination capacity.

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Client Solutions

ENGIE leverages the full power of its global capabilities to develop integrated solutions for improved performance & energy efficiency of buildings and industries, and to transform cities and territories into sustainable and vibrant places.

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District Cooling

ENGIE globally promotes District Energy as a sustainable and cost-effective solution for the provision of cooling and heating. Alongside Mubadala, we are a key shareholder (40%) in regional District Cooling leader Tabreed, which operates several key sites in Saudi Arabia.

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ENGIE has been a long-standing service provider in Saudi Arabia through Tractebel, a leading energy infrastructure operator. The company which has two offices in Saudi Arabia operates as a global engineering consultancy company and general contractor.

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About Us

With a presence of 30 years, ENGIE is a long-term investor in the Middle East and the region’s leading energy partner. Under the visionary leadership of the regional governments, we have been the GCC’s pioneering Independent Water and Power developer with a portfolio that now produces 30.5 GW of power and 5.8 m3 of drinkable water through desalination.

ENGIE has a local presence of almost 20 years in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We are the leading independent power & water producer with a gross capacity of 10% of power and 11% of water production, serving millions of people daily. ENGIE’s renewable portfolio exceeds 30 MW in Saudi Arabia.

Today, we act to accelerate the transition towards a carbon-neutral economy. We continue to invest in low-carbon thermal energy production, in sustainable desalination solutions and in centralized and decentralized renewable energies.

With ENGIE Solutions and Tabreed, we develop integrated solutions for improved performance & energy efficiency of buildings and industries and for the transformation of cities and territories into smarter, greener and cleaner places.

We firmly believe in a Common Purpose with our clients towards more resilient and sustainable economies and a better future for all.  We are the region’s Positive Energy Partner.

190,109,140 KWh

Accumulated Energy Reduction

101,241,898 kg

Accumulated C02 Abatement


Accumulated Cost Savings

500M SQM

Space Managed

Our Footprint

ENGIE has been a leading independent power and water producer in Saudi Arabia for over two decades, through efficient gas-powered assets and desalination plants, while being committed to the development renewable energy projects in the country. ENGIE is also a leader in the provision of energy services such as district cooling and integrated solutions to to support the transformation of cities and territories into safer, more sustainable, efficient and vibrant places.

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Success Stories

NADEC - KSA's first captive solar PV project

NADEC heavily relies on fossil fuel for its primary energy consumption. ENGIE proposed a new 30MW solar PV on-site facility.

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Tihama - Cogeneration of power & steam for Saudi Aramco

Since 2006, Tihama Power (60% owned by ENGIE) has been providing power & process steam to four of Aramco's refineries in the Eastern Province

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King Salman Energy Park (SPARK) - Facilities management services

ENGIE Solutions, an international leader in providing low-carbon energy and innovative integrated facilities management solutions, has been announced as a facilities management for King Salman Energy Park (SPARK) in Dammam.

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International Maritime Industries – Smart solutions for maritime facility

ENGIE Solutions delivers world-class services using Computer-Aided Facilities Management (CAFM) to International Maritime Industries (IMI), one of the future largest full-service maritime facilities in the world.

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Institute of Public Administration - improving the building's energy efficiency

ENGIE Solutions managed to reduce the energy consumption of the Institute of Public Administration (IPA) in Riyadh by 39.3%

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Making neutral-carbon transition possible for corporates and local authorities

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