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18 Feb 2022

ENGIE uses the language and power of art to drive greater awareness towards climate change at the UAE Expo French Pavilion

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 18 Feb 2022: Global low-carbon energy company ENGIE recently launched an art exhibition at the Dubai Expo 2022 France Pavilion to drive awareness for climate change and highlight ENGIE’s efforts.

Determined to achieve net-zero carbon by 2045, ENGIE collaborated with Syrian artist Marie Mohanna on this initiative. The exhibit which will run from 4 – 17 February emphasizes ENGIE’s efforts in highlighting the UAE mangrove rehabilitation project- ‘Blue Carbon,’ through a unique artwork along with another art exhibit focused on ‘Women Fighting for Climate Change.’ The ‘Women Fighting for Climate Change’ art exhibition showcased female faces within ENGIE’s organization determined to positively impact the planet. By depicting ENGIE women from all levels of the organization , the portraits showcase how these women contribute to ENGIE’s efforts to strike a balance in the energy world as it is heading for a massive revolution to meet today’s climate-related challenges. ENGIE’s ‘Blue Carbon’ project recently concluded the success of its second phase. In partnership with the Environment Agency of Abu Dhabi (EAD), and Distant Imagery, the project uses highly innovative drone planting technology to plant more than 35,000 mangrove seeds in the Mirfa lagoon in Abu Dhabi further support ENGIE’s decarbonization goals.

The art exhibition will run until February 17th 2022 highlights Marie’s expertise as a graphic novel illustrator and showcases 12 pieces located outside the France Pavilion.

“We are delighted to partner with the art community to help drive awareness and showcase our collective efforts towards climate change. The exhibits exemplify how small actions, compounded over time, make a considerable difference in the fight for climate change and how this movement requires patience, resilience, and passion, especially in educating people. We trust that our new collaboration with Marie Mohanna has inspired visitors,” said Florence Fontani, Chief Communications and Sustainability Officer, ENGIE Africa, Middle East and Asia (AMEA).

She added: “The France Pavilion at Expo 2020 has been a fantastic partner throughout our journey here. It has been a pleasure to align with the team, who have provided us with immense support as we march toward our goal to reach net-zero by 2045.”

The ‘Blue Carbon’ project intends to preserve the natural biodiversity that dots the coastline of Abu Dhabi. The essence of the project is to highlight the actions required to limit the impact climate change has on the planet. The artwork depicting the project used the UAE’s national colors and ENGIE brand colors and demonstrated how innovation through drone technology could support positive climate change to safeguard the essential role that mangroves play in the local ecosystem.

“I’m grateful to have partnered with ENGIE and for the opportunity to work on the Blue Carbon Project. It was inspiring to visit the site and meet with several personalities who are the main driving forces behind ENGIE’s fight for climate change in the region. I hope that my artwork will inspire future generations to come,” said Marie Mohanna.