Press Releases


30 Jun 2021

ENGIE is accelerating its digital transformation in the Middle East and West Africa with Vyntelligence technology

Within ENGIE, health, safety and environmental protection are deeply rooted in the Group’s DNA, with a collective objective, “No Life at Risk”, for its employees, temporary workers and subcontractors.

To achieve this objective, ENGIE, a long-term energy partner in the Middle East and West Africa, continues to digitize its health and safety procedures by deploying the pioneering technology created by Vyntelligence.

By equipping two entities with Vyntelligence’s “Vyn for Safety” solution, engineering employees can easily record work situations, thanks to short-guided videos from their smartphone, enabling them to digitize key health, safety and environmental protection processes. This technology enhances and improves employee safety by identifying and analyzing risk situations.

ENGIE and Vyntelligence collaborated for 9 months to test the technology on two sites with very different contexts: a thermal power plant in Saudi Arabia on 81 work situations, and energy services in Côte d’Ivoire on 110 work situations. This partnership demonstrated that the digitization of health, safety and environmental processes is an effective response to the key objectives of supporting operations, customer differentiation, traceability and improved decision-making.

The use of the Vyntelligence solution, based on video and voice recognition using Artificial Intelligence, considerably improves information processing and promotes the development of a health and safety culture.

Pascal Renaud, COO at ENGIE MESCATA, explains: “Because people are at the heart of performance at ENGIE, we have worked hard to digitize processes to ensure no life or asset is at risk. Vyn has helped us create a proactive safety culture and we continue to work to reduce the risk of accidents, because it is imperative to act collectively and individually”.

Antoine Augustin, Head of HSE at ENGIE MESCATA emphasizes: “Deploying the VYN solution was easy: operators on sites adopted the tool very quickly. Vyn solution influences cognitive behavior of operators putting them in cerebral active mode favoring vigilance and decision making towards risks management. In addition, HSE Managers and supervisors can accurately understand work situations and, if necessary, intervene to ensure that employees are working safely. I sincerely want to thank all the team that was involved in this project, specifically the operators’ enthusiasm in using the solution and the MESCATA Management for supporting the solution”.

ENGIE in the Middle East and West Africa is now equipped with a high-performance digital solution that significantly improves the health and safety of operations in order to better serve its customers and accelerate its digital transformation.