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15 Mar 2022

ENGIE Achieves New Safety Records at PP11 in KSA

The global energy company achieved two health and safety milestones at its PP11 plant in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

ENGIE achieved a new safety record of 4,000 days since 2011 without a Lost Time Accident at its PP11 plant. The company also achieved a new health and safety milestone of 3 million people hours.

Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: Global low-carbon energy company ENGIE today announced the achievement of two new significant health, safety, and environment (HSE) milestones at its PP11 plant – a 1,730 MW combined-cycle gas-fired power plant located near Dhuruma, Saudi Arabia. The first is achieving a perfect safety record from 2011 by recording an outstanding 4,000 days without a Lost Time Accident (LTA). The second achievement is having reached 3 million hours worked without an LTA. PP11 employees set the new records at the gas-fired power plant near Dhuruma.

The plant, in which ENGIE is a majority shareholder, began commercial operations in March 2013. Saudi Electricity Company is off taking production from PP11 under a 20-year power purchase agreement which runs to March 2033.

The accomplishment is a testament to ENGIE’s commitment to putting employee health, safety, and wellbeing at the heart of its business, which underpins its ‘No Life at Risk’ policy. With the protection of its employees deeply embedded within the company’s DNA, ENGIE seeks to reduce the frequency and severity of accidents among its employees, subcontractors, and stakeholders with a target of zero incidents, putting no life at risk.

Accordingly, the company has implemented several initiatives across its plant to achieve its latest HSE milestones, which include: conducting frequent HSE training sessions, reviewing and assessing high-risk maintenance activities, holding monthly HSE forums for frontline maintenance staff, conducting daily and the monthly site walks to assess site safety and periodic audits to assess contractor activities.

“Creating a safe and healthy environment at work is a top priority for ENGIE. We are extremely proud of our PP11 team for upholding ENGIE’s safety standards and contributing to our strong record across the region. Putting the correct processes in place and empowering our employees to anticipate and mitigate risk ensures safety across the business. When our employees feel safe, it is the foundation of trust which enables our team to strive for excellence,” said Turki Al Shehri, CEO, ENGIE.

PP11 HSSE manager, Jalal Alwadai, added, “With a workplace culture which values employee wellbeing first and foremost, the achievement of these latest HSE milestones at ENGIE demonstrates that we have successfully driven home the importance of health and safety policies and procedures among our employees and across our power plants. Achieving 4,000 days without an LTA is an industry best, and we will continue working to uphold this impressive safety record.”