Why work with Engie?

Engie aim’s at attracting, developing and retaining talent and we do this through our commitment to internal mobility, talent development & localization. Our careers provide you with an immediate opportunity to contribute. The diversity of our businesses and our worldwide operations mean a career at ENGIE can take you almost anywhere you want to go.

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Youth Development Program

In 2023, we launched a new youth program aimed at empowering talented university graduates in their final year of study in STEM modules, focusing on the fields of desalination, renewables, and green hydrogen. With a strong commitment to the UAE’s National Youth Strategy and Net Zero by 2050 ambitions, the program will help capacity building focused on decarbonization solutions, contribute to localization efforts, promote employability, and foster the development of crucial skills needed to enhance climate solutions and technology.

HR Vision

The ENGIE HR ambition reflects its commitments : to enhance and develop the human capital of the Group in all its diversity by implementing an open and innovative human resources policy that creates value for everyone in the company and all its customers. This ambition is evident in the Group’s managerial culture, its employees’ crucial involvement in its financial results and long-term strategic objectives, and the development of a high-quality dialogue within the Group.