Solar Energy

Solar Energy

The Earth receives an immense amount of sunlight capable of satisfying global energy needs for an entire year. Despite its vast potential, solar energy currently contributes only a small fraction to the global energy mix. However, this is rapidly changing due to concerted efforts worldwide to improve energy accessibility, ensure supply security, and combat climate change.

Countries and corporations are now making unprecedented investments in solar energy generation, driving continual advancements in technology and cost reduction. Solar energy emerges as a renewable, eco-friendly, and widely available energy source, presenting countries, companies, industries, and communities with a promising solution. Particularly abundant in regions like the GCC with warm climates and ample sunlight, solar energy holds immense potential for powering a sustainable future.

Start your energy transition journey with ENGIE – How can we help?

ENGIE is one of the world’s leading independent power producers, spearheading the drive towards a carbon-neutral future. We offer tangible solutions available today, tailored to propel your journey towards sustainability. Constantly pushing boundaries and embracing innovation, we empower businesses and governments to optimize energy usage, cut costs, and champion environmental stewardship.

Having dedicated significant investments over the years to solar energy, a sustainable and renewable resource boasting low CO2 emissions, ENGIE is committed to fostering a more balanced world. We aim to align progress with the aspirations of individuals, communities, and the planet, advocating for a future that harmonizes individual and collective needs. Solar energy, fittingly, addresses these imperatives, offering an environmentally friendly solution that effectively meets electricity demands while contributing to a sustainable energy transition as a cornerstone of our energy mix.

ENGIE solar installed capacities worldwide

We offer tangible solutions available today, tailored to propel your journey towards sustainability. Constantly pushing boundaries and embracing innovation, we empower businesses and governments to optimize energy usage, cut costs, and champion environmental stewardship.

With a robust portfolio of utility-scale renewable energy projects and ongoing development efforts, ENGIE is committed to supplying corporate customers with sustainable energy through renewable Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs). Our significant investment in renewable energy equity platforms, boasting 2000MW announced capacity, underscores our dedication to advancing renewable energy production in Australia and beyond.

Our solutions are designed to be straightforward, adaptable, and scalable, aligning with your evolving business requirements. Across the globe, ENGIE is actively assisting businesses in transitioning to zero carbon, and we’re eager to discuss how we can kickstart your renewable journey. Let’s collaborate to unlock the full potential of sustainable energy for your enterprise.

Leverage the power of solar with ENGIE’s Power Purchase Agreements

Renewable Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) represent the next frontier in energy solutions. These agreements offer a secure, fixed-term contract ensuring a predetermined quantity of electricity sourced from renewable sources, all at a set price.

ENGIE customizes renewable PPA solutions to align with your business goals. Leveraging our extensive global expertise, we guide you through the PPA contract process seamlessly. As a prominent figure in both the global and regional renewable PPA markets, we offer a diverse array of options to meet your needs.

Solar Energy

Long-term affordability

Solar Energy

No CAPEX for customers

Solar Energy

ENGIE’s BOOT model enables focus on core business

Solar Energy

Reduce CO2 footprint and align with sustainability goals

Case Studies

How did our Distributed Solar PV solution help NADEC reduce fuel consumption?

Our client, NADEC (based in KSA), a leading food processing company in the MENA region, wanted to adopt an alternative to the company’s fossil fuel consumption. In order to align with KSA’s sustainability initiative for large industries, they wanted transition to solar power and embrace a renewable energy alternative for their site. With ENGIE’s Distributed Solar PV solution, implemented on an area of land spanning 766,000 sq. meters, our client was able to reduce fuel consumption by 124,000 barrels/year, resulting in a decline of 53,000 tons of annual carbon emissions. The solar PV park was developed as part of a 25-year corporate power purchase agreement between NADEC and ENGIE, the first of its kind in the country.

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Giant solar farm deployed in India powers 400,000 households with green energy

In 2020, ENGIE inaugurated the largest solar photovoltaic farm globally, situated in Kadapa, Andhra Pradesh. NTPC Limited, India’s foremost electricity and gas distributor, is the esteemed customer. This project is a pivotal component of the National Solar Mission – phase II, initiated by the Government of India in 2010 to expedite solar energy production and achieved a 100 GW solar capacity by 2022.

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How did Texas accelerate the energy transition with ENGIE’s solar energy solution?

Four local municipalities in Texas – New Braunfels Utilities (NBU), Denton Municipal Electric (DME), Garland Power & Light (GP&L), and the Kerrville Public Utility Board (KPUB) – have united with a common objective: to expedite the energy transition within their communities. Their mission is to enhance the resilience of their electricity supply by procuring sustainable, cost-effective solar energy over the long term. The ultimate objective was to empower their citizens with access to dependable and economical clean energy solutions.

The Long Draw project perfectly aligns with ENGIE’s strategy of expediting the transition to a carbon-neutral economy.


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