Green Data Centres

Green Data Centres

Data centres play a crucial role in enabling low-carbon smart cities. However, traditional data centres globally, consume a considerable amount of energy for their daily operations including – electricity to power servers, cooling systems and other infrastructure. The increasing demand for data storage and processing has also put a strain on traditional power grids. Moreover, the environmental impact of these data centres, especially in terms of carbon emissions and electronic waste, has become a growing concern.

How can you make your data centres sustainable and eco-friendly? 

Green data centres address this issue by using renewable energy sources and energy-efficient technologies. They are designed to minimize the environmental impact of data centres and are known for their energy efficiency and environmentally friendly methods.

Integrated and innovative solutions for your green data centres

ENGIE Green Data Centre Solutions offers unparalleled expertise throughout the entire life cycle of the Data Centre, utilizing a one-stop shop self-delivery service model.

Your Partner for a Green Data Center

Green Data Centres


  • Asset investment
  • Shareholding “DC as a service”
  • On-site generation plan investment
Green Data Centres


  • Efficiency, capacity and resiliency upgrade
  • Detailed design & Planning
  • Continuous improvement program
Green Data Centres


  • Energy supply / Corporate PPA
  • Dedicated generation plant
  • On-site generation maintenance
Green Data Centres

Operations & Maintenance

Facility Management

  • Security / Accessibility operations
  • Maintenance
  • Service to users
  • Energy efficiency

IT Room Management

  • Management of DC operations
  • Remote and Smart Hands services
  • Capacity planning
  • Resiliency Management
Green Data Centres

Design & Construction

  • Turnkey projects
  • Civil works
  • MEP, Automation & Security
  • Integrated digital solutions
  • Commissioning
Green Data Centres

Project Development

  • Site selection & Permitting
  • Programming
  • High-level design

Accelerate your energy transition with green data centres

Green Data Centres

Lowering Carbon Emissions

Significantly reduce carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions by using renewable energy sources to power green data centres

Green Data Centres

Recycling and Waste Management

Focus on responsible waste management and recycling practices, minimizing electronic waste generation and ensuring proper disposal of retired equipment

Green Data Centres

Resource Optimization

Virtualization and consolidation techniques to optimize resource utilization, ensuring that servers are running at their maximum efficiency and minimizing idle capacity

Green Data Centres

Efficient Cooling Mechanisms

Advanced cooling technologies, such as liquid cooling and optimized airflow management, to reduce cooling-related energy consumption

Green Data Centres

Location and Design Considerations

Take advantage of natural climate conditions and design facilities to make use of natural lighting and cooling whenever possible

Power Your Green Data Centres with ENGIE Solutions

500,000 m2

IT Space Management

1,200 +

Dedicated Data Centres Employees

500 + Mw

Designed & Built


Uptime Institute (insert R) Accredited Designers Uptime Institute (insert R) Certified DC Projects


Uptime Institute (insert R) Certified DC

Case Studies

How Microsoft data centre in Texas reduced CO2 emission equivalent to the daily use of over 10,000 cars with ENGIE’s Green data Centre solution?

Microsoft was looking to implement a plan that would completely transition the supply of all its data centres to renewable energy. The IT giant collaborated with ENGIE to optimize the performance of its data centre in Texas.

Since 2021, Microsoft’s  data centre in Texas has been powered by hybrid wind and solar energy produced locally by ENGIE (for a period of 15 years). The main sources of electricity are procured from the Las Lomas wind farm located in the southern region of Texas and the Anson Solar Centre, Texas. The energy production is optimized with a smart data management platform.

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