Energy Solutions

Energy Solutions

ENGIE is committed to delivering energy-focused solutions for our customers that complement our expertise in servicing and optimizing built assets. From comprehensive and customized energy solutions that are financed to technology-enabled and data-driven services, we work with you to enhance energy efficiency and optimize your asset performance across sectors, including cities and communities, industries, and properties.

Our commitment to decarbonization drives us to provide our customers with reliable and tailored solutions that address your specific needs and challenges. By doing so, we help you unlock long-term value and deliver on our promise of helping our customers reduce greenhouse gas emissions, with a target of 45 Mt of CO2 eq. avoided each year by 2030.

Case Studies

How did our Distributed Solar PV solution help NADEC reduce fuel consumption?

Our client, NADEC (based in KSA), a leading food processing company in the MENA region, wanted to adopt an alternative to the company’s fossil fuel consumption. In order to align with KSA’s sustainability initiative for large industries, they wanted transition to solar power and embrace a renewable energy alternative for their site. With ENGIE’s Distributed Solar PV solution, implemented on an area of land spanning 766,000 sq. meters, our client was able to reduce fuel consumption by 124,000 barrels/year, resulting in a decline of 53,000 tons of annual carbon emissions. The solar PV park was developed as part of a 25-year corporate power purchase agreement between NADEC and ENGIE, the first of its kind in the country.

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How did Holcim LEC reduce their CO2 emissions with our Waste Heat Recovery solution?

Our client, Holcim LEC, a global leader in cement manufacturing had massive plant emissions from their cement factory site in the United Arab Emirates. Traditionally, the cement industry involves heating raw materials to 1,500 degrees Celsius – the temperature of molten lava – to make cement. As part of their commitment to building a net zero future for the planet, our client wanted to reduce their emissions at one of their cement factories in UAE.

With ENGIE’s On-site Utilities solution, Holcim Cement reduced their CO2 emissions by 28% by implementing Waste Heat Recovery using the Organic Rankine Cycle technology, thereby enabling cost savings, greater efficiency and closer alignment with their commitment to sustainability goals.

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A leading medical university in Saudi Arabia unlocks 32% energy savings with ENGIE’s Energy Efficiency Solution

Our client, a leading medical university in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), and a world-class health care complex located in Riyadh, had an annual energy consumption of 133 GWh in 2019. The university wanted to unlock energy efficiency by implementing strategies that decreased energy demand and promoted the use of environmentally friendly energy sources.

ENGIE’s energy efficiency solution focused on retrofitting the university buildings, which would significantly enhance energy utilization in areas such as air conditioning, ventilation, and other mechanical and electrical systems. Energy saving measures that were implemented led to the reduction in current energy consumption by 32% which is the equivalent of SAR 13.58M in annual cost savings.

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