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The environmental characteristics shared by the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council mean that there is an ever-growing dependence on seawater desalination to meet increasing regional demand for potable water. With key operations across the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, and Kuwait, ENGIE plays a critical role in meeting these growing needs.


Combined, our thirteen desalination plants produce 5.8 million cubic meters of water per day, the equivalent of 1,300 million imperial gallons. ENGIE continues to invest heavily in this critical sector, deploying market-leading expertise to deliver and maintain existing facilities and innovate for the benefit of future generations.

On the ground, ENGIE’s desalination operations span the region, making a significant contribution to the water needs of millions of people. In the United Arab Emirates, ENGIE operates four desalination plants with a combined capacity of 609MIGD. Leading the way are Shuweihat 1 and 2, with a combined capacity of 200MIGD, and Fujairah F2 and Umm Al Nar, offering 130MIGD and 143MIGD respectively.

Plants at Mirfa and Al Taweelah add a further 136MIGD capacity.
Our facility at Marafiq, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, delivers 176MIGD of potable water alongside its 2,744MW CCGT power plant. In the State of Qatar, desalination plants at Ras Laffan B and C contribute a combined capacity of 123MIGD, whilst operations at Barka and Sohar in the Sultanate of Oman produce 120MIGD. With capacities of 90MIGD and 48MIGD, ENGIE’s plants at Al Hidd and Al Dur are key desalination facilities for the Kingdom of Bahrain. Finally, located some 144 kilometers down the coast from Kuwait City, Az Zour North offers a desalination capacity of 107MIGD.

Globally, some 1.1 billion people lack access to water, with 2.7 billion experiencing water scarcity for at least one month of the year. In the face of these statistics and the fact that water systems are becoming ever more overstretched, it is clear that the provision of fresh water for today and tomorrow’s generations is critically important. As one of the GCC’s leading operators in water desalination, ENGIE is committed to continual investment in the infrastructure and expertise required, not only to maintain but to improve and expand capacity in the years ahead.

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