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Flexible Generation

The company’s diverse regional operations encompass established processes alongside newer power technologies, from combined-cycle and open-cycle gas turbines to steam production and captive solar power. This extensive range of capabilities reflects a wide breadth of expertise, marking ENGIE out as an agile and adaptable operator in what is a rapidly evolving sector.


The environmental characteristics shared by the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council mean that there is an ever-growing dependence on seawater desalination to meet increasing regional demand for potable water. With key operations across the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, and Kuwait, ENGIE plays a critical role in meeting these growing needs.

Renewable Energy

We are the GCC region’s renewable hydrogen economy enabler. Engie is becoming a first-mover pioneer in the ‘renewable hydrogen’ or ‘green hydrogen’ field: Hydrogen is produced using carbon-free renewable energy such as wind or solar electricity as the energy source for an electrolyser.

District Cooling

Established since 1998 and 40%-owned by ENGIE since 2017, Tabreed is ENGIE’s district cooling operation in the UAE, as well as further afield throughout the Gulf Cooperation Council. Cooling demand in the GCC is expected to triple by 2030 and the environmental, cost and efficiency benefits of district cooling are making it increasingly the solution of choice for public and private sector organizations alike. In simple terms, the technology delivers chilled water to facilitate cooling in offices, factories and larger public buildings.

Energy Solutions

As a global energy leader with a presence in over 70 countries, ENGIE brings the benefits of advanced technology, world class skills and expertise to bear in devising and delivering carbon neutral solutions. Supported by significant and ongoing investment in R&D and sustainable research, the company brings together leading international experts across every facet of facilities management and energy optimization.