ENGIE and GCC-Lab collaborate to develop their range of services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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ENGIE and GCC-Lab collaborate to develop  their range of services in the Kingdom of  Saudi Arabia

On Dec 8, 2019, ENGIE and GCC-Lab entered a memorandum of understanding to further expand the services offered to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. ENGIE will collaborate with GCC Lab to ensure the highest quality of energy services is provided to the Country and the region. The services will cover, Multi-disciplinary Root Cause Failure Analysis, oil testing, Cyber Security, Alarm management, Emission reduction services, Electromagnetic compatibility, Lighting Testing Lab, Maintenance interval services, Power plant water chemistry, – Materials and Non-Destructive Testing, and Turbo machinery.

‘We are very proud to be working with GCC-Lab. This is a great opportunity to bring and adopt the highest quality of energy services. The expertise of ENGIE in this particular field exceeds 60 years and is applied in over 60 countries. We look forward to working hand in hand with GCC Lab and enhancing the level of service to the electricity sector in the Kingdom and the region’ said Mazhar Saleem, Head of ENGIE Laborelec for the Middle East, South & Central Asia and Turkey.

‘By bringing such expertise, we are also able to accelerate the knowledge transfer to the local workforce and expand our collaboration in R&D with local Universities and Institutes in the kingdom. ENGIE is a long-term positive energy partner of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and we want to ensure that our efforts impact the complete cycle of social and economic value addition’ said Turki Alshehri, CEO of ENGIE in Saudi Arabia.

ENGIE has been present in Saudi Arabia for decades and is established as one of the largest independent power and water producers in the Kingdom, and as a leader in energy services. The Group has recently inaugurated its new office in Riyadh to ensure a tighter presence in the country.

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