AMEA Sustainability Report: Accelerating the Transition to a Carbon-Neutral World

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AMEA Sustainability Report: Accelerating the Transition to a Carbon-Neutral World

Published in July 2023.

The 3rd edition of the AMEA Sustainability Report signifies our continued commitment to our stakeholders both internal and external our progress in accelerating the transition to a carbon-neutral world and achieving our 2045 Net Zero Carbon goal.

The report highlights our progress in fulfilling our ambitious Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) targets, while focussing on our priorities:

  • Aimed at assisting our customers in decarbonizing through energy-efficient, innovative, and cleaner solutions, while striving to create sustainable growth for both shareholders and stakeholders.
  • Accelerate our own actions to meet our Net Zero by 2045 strategy and
  • Accelerating our global business units’ strategies to meet our mid-term and 2030 milestones

Whilst this report covers these priorities, it also brings about the “One ENGIE” value creation model of AMEA, showcasing our ENGIE subsidiaries in the region.  Through one voice, this endeavor reiterates our aim to remain a proactive energy partner for progress in the region, working closely with our local and regional stakeholders to ensure that environmental, social as well as governance considerations are truly embedded in our daily operations and business decisions, while setting tangible targets for our sustainable growth in the future.

As we approach the upcoming COP28, both globally and within the UAE, we face the future with optimism while acknowledging the significant environmental challenge we all face. Collaboration, innovation, and decisive action will remain at the forefront of our projects, investments, and activities.

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