23 May 2022

ENGIE’s Involvement in EXPO

ENGIE took the prominent position as “Main Ambassador” (Sponsor) of the France Pavilion to demonstrate the importance we place on the Middle East region as a strategic priority for the Group. It furthermore provided a platform for us to increase our visibility in the region and demonstrate our client-centricity and our focus on driving carbon neutrality throughout our business.

Presence inside the France Pavilion – ENGIE exhibition demonstrating Energy and Sustainable mobility solutions

  1. Immersive experience with Tabreed – Capsule that takes visitors on a journey of a District Cooling facility
  2. ENGIE and Sustainability-led Art Exhibitions – Two exhibitions showcased outside the France Pavilion: Blue Carbon and ENGIE Women Fighting Climate Change
  3. High-level stakeholder engagements – From France President Macron’s visit, to our CEO Catherine MacGregor, our Chairman Jean Pierre Clamadieu, Minister of Climate Change for the UAE, Board meetings
  4. Thought leadership external stakeholder events – from Smart Cities, to Desalination, Sustainable Finance to Women Fighting Climate Change with local SMEs
  5. Energy Management – Managed the energy management for the Pavilion for the entire 6-months and won the contract to Sustainably dismantle the pavilion for re-use in Toulouse, France
  6. Internal engagement events – Launch of AMEA Women in Network, HR programme of events


EXPO 2020 was nothing short of a resounding success for the country, and for us as a company. ENGIE used this phenomenal opportunity to secure its position as leader in the energy transition, seeking to reconcile through its purpose or “raison d’être”, economic performance and positive impact to create an eco-system conducive to a carbon neutral economy.


Take a look at some of the key moments


Smart Cities and Communities – October

An event hosted by the Energy Solutions GBU entitled” Smart Cities and Communities of Tomorrow” brought together ENGIE’s key partners and Innovative Start-ups to a series of keynotes, business case presentations, and panels open for dialogue on solutions to build and redesign living, working and mobility spaces that are environmentally friendly and eco-responsible, in a cost-efficient manner.


Women Fighting Climate Change – January

We partnered with Companies Creating Change (C3) and Accenture to host a panel discussion addressing the role of female professionals in leading the sustainable energy transition. The event drew the participation from a high level UAE stakeholder- Her Excellency Mariam bint Mohammad Hareb AlMheri, Minister of Climate Change and Environment. The closed session explored how women can accelerate climate change in various positions, including sustainable leadership, green finance, entrepreneurship, and STEM.


Art Exhibition – February

Marie Mohanna, Franco-Syrian Artist, was commissioned by ENGIE to design a particular exhibition on ENGIE’s Blue Carbon Flagship mangrove restoration project and secondly to represent ENGIE as actors for fighting Climate change. These exhibitions were to represent the importance of sustainability, not just from a business sense but from different perceptions.


Sustainable Finance – March

Ensuring ENGIE is seen as the link between Sustainability and Finance, an event was organized with Jessica Robinson a senior ESG advisor at Deloitte as the moderator. We maneuvered the conversation through what financial levers needed to change or evolve to support the energy transition. Jessica was joined by Shada Elborno from Standard Chartered Bank, Emmanuel Laurina from State Street Global Advisors and Raeda Al Sarayreh from Arab Petroleum Investments Corporation.


Greening Desalination – March

As one of the regions leaders in desalination, we brought together our major stakeholders to share their views on the opportunities and challenges desalination faces in the region with a focus on the latest innovations. Panel discussions then delved into ways we can green desalination, be that by implementing best practices or by the inclusion of new technologies. Furthermore how can we mitigate the impact of desalination on the marine environment.


ENGIE Solutions

ENGIE Solutions were intimately involved with the efficient delivery of the France Pavilion. The team provide low carbon energy services and implemented energy optimized solutions. Their involvement didn’t stop there! ENGIE Solutions are now responsible for the sustainable dismantling of the temporary building, where it will then be shipped to Toulouse France to be re-built.


Platform to succeed

EXPO 2020 was a platform for ENGIE to share its strategy and regional positioning with both internal and external stakeholders. We were delighted to be partnering in such an important event to the region, which has played home to ENGIE for more than 30-years.