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Defining a Pathway to a Carbon Neutral Economy

With a backdrop of COP28 taking place in the UAE in November 2023, ENGIE is bringing its global E4 event to Abu Dhabi. The event brings together regional government Ministers, CEOs and industry leaders who place achieving net zero at the heart of their actions.

Through informed high-level discussions and exclusive case studies, E4 will showcase and discuss viable approaches to decarbonisation, outline the true challenges that businesses face as they implement their strategies, discuss practical solutions that will have the greatest impact, and highlight the most cost-effective approaches for countries or companies wishing to accelerate their net zero journey.  The event will also offer an unrivalled opportunity to network with peers.


Event flow

E4 is an ENGIE-led event that invites Ministers from regional Governments and CEO-level industry leaders to come together and review what decarbonization solutions make the greatest impact and make the most cost-effective sense to countries, or to the companies wishing to decarbonize. Through panel discussions that will be led by ENGIE’s Group Executive team, including our CEO Catherine MacGregor, together with regional government officials and Global CEO’s we will tackle the tough questions.

Through a range of exclusive case studies, delivered by our customers we will showcase real decarbonisation projects, openly outlining the challenges that businesses face as they implement decarbonization strategies and practical, innovative solutions to accelerate the net zero journey.


Panel 1: Journey to COP28 – Corporate role in supporting Governments to achieve net zero carbon targets: Hosted by Catherine MacGregor, CEO, ENGIE

Panel 2: Fostering competition: Scaling up the energy mix to accelerate decarbonisation: Hosted by Sebastien Arbola, Executive Vice President, Thermal & Supply, ENGIE

Panel 3: Accelerating distributed energy infrastructure to support long-term decarbonization goals: Hosted by Cecile Previeu, Executive Vice President, Energy Solutions, ENGIE


Surrounding the event space will be a marketplace where the networking, coffee, and lunch break will take place. The marketplace will showcase ENGIE’s solutions; from our Advisory, consultancy, and engineering services, to power generation solutions, to desalination. We reveal our capabilities in green hydrogen, district cooling, and sustainable mobility. A spotlight will be given on low carbon public lighting and cities, energy storage, as well as on-site solar & storage, on-site utilities incl. low carbon data centres, and energy performance services.

Spending time in our marketplace will unravel the plethora of capabilities and solutions that ENGIE can deliver to our customers.

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