Cities & Communities

Cities & Communities

How can cities & communities accelerate their energy transition?

Cities and communities are at the forefront of energy demand and consumption. Moreover, the increase in fossil fuel consumption in urban areas has put cities & communities at the frontline of climate change. Energy consumption across the world, and particularly in the GCC has not only been rapid but also very intensive. The region’s increased reliance on oil and gas has contributed to increased carbon emissions. However, the region has committed to net zero goals to drastically reduce the carbon footprint and adopt energy-efficient methods for a more sustainable future.

ENGIE Solutions, a leader in energy transition, helps cities and communities commit to their net zero goals while keeping costs down with our diverse portfolio of energy solutions.


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Cities & Communities

339340565 kWh

Accumulated Energy Reduction

Cities & Communities

$ 38545826

Accumulated Cost Savings

Cities & Communities

199069079 kg

Accumulated CO2 Abatement

Cities & Communities Cities & Communities


ENGIE AMEA Sustainability Report 2023

The 3rd edition of the AMEA Sustainability Report signifies our continued commitment to our stakeholders both internal and external our progress in accelerating the transition to a carbon-neutral world and achieving our 2045 Net Zero Carbon goal.

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