Transformational wind farm in Texas generates 300 MW of green energy annually

Being the largest of the Lower 48 States, Texas encompasses vast rural areas that are witnessing the advent of renewable energy projects, heralding a new era of economic development. These initiatives are pivotal as they not only generate employment opportunities during construction but also sustain long-term jobs. Additionally, they serve as a valuable income source for landowners and contribute substantial tax revenues to local communities over the years. The transition from an oil-centric economy to a renewable energy leader poses a significant transformational challenge for Texas, yet it holds immense potential for sustainable growth and innovation.

The ENGIE Solution: A transformational wind farm in the heart of Texas 

In December 2020, ENGIE commissioned the largest renewable energy venture of the year in the United States: the Prairie Hill 300-MW wind farm located in Limestone and McLennan counties, Texas. Over 400,000 work hours were dedicated to constructing this facility, which comprises 100 3-MW wind turbines, alongside the development of access roads, an underground electricity collection system, and an overhead power line.

During peak production, the 100 wind turbines at the Prairie Hill wind farm generate sufficient energy to power over 60,000 households.


Wind Turbines

300 MW

Green Energy Produced Annually

166 MW

Purchased by Walmart group for Supply to its Distribution Centers

Texas Wind Farm – Powered by ENGIE

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