HYPORT – Europe’s first green hydrogen* production, storage and distribution station at an airport

As one of the leading logistics hubs in the region, Toulouse-Blagnac airport in Netherlands is the focal point of many modes of mobility. The airport wanted to decarbonize their ground activities and embark on the energy transition journey.

The ENGIE Solution: HYPORT – decarbonizing mobility

HYPORT, a joint venture between ENGIE (51%) and the Energy and Climate Agency of Occitanie region (49%), introduced Europe’s first green hydrogen* production, storage, and distribution facility at an airport. The primary objective is to decarbonize the airport’s ground-based operations.

The electrolyzer at HYPORT boasts a production capacity exceeding 400 kilograms of carbon-free hydrogen daily, equivalent to one megawatt of high-power electrolysis. This hydrogen is utilized at two charging stations: one situated on the tarmac for airport shuttles, aircraft tractors, and ground power units that supply electricity to aircraft when they are on the ground and not connected to a gangway. The second station, located on the city side of the airport, has the capacity to charge up to 20 buses or 200 light vehicles per day, including taxis. The electrolyzer is exclusively powered by locally sourced renewable electricity. This electricity is supplied from an agrivoltaic farm located in Fanjeaux (80km from Toulouse) and hydroelectric dams managed by ENGIE subsidiary SHEM in the Pyrenees.

With HYPORT, the objective is to establish a comprehensive hydrogen ecosystem at the regional level by fostering collaboration among Occitanie’s public and private stakeholders by bringing together the initiative benefits from robust partnerships with Airbus, Toulouse-Blagnac airport, and Teréga Solutions, a subsidiary of the gas transport network operator Teréga. This collaboration not only positions Toulouse-Blagnac airport as one of the pioneering hydrogen pilot sites in Europe but also identifies sustainable economic models and consolidates infrastructure and funding.

Building on this successful foundation, HYPORT aims to further expand its initiatives. Despite hydrogen being in its nascent stages of industrialization, ENGIE teams persevered to establish this multi-use charging station in a challenging environment. The company remains committed to diversifying its offerings and clientele, catering to various public and private sector demands.

*Until 1 January 2024, HYPORT was buying electricity with Guarantees of Origin issued by renewable energy producers. A Guarantee of Origin certifies that the electricity has been produced from a renewable energy source and has been injected into the electrical grid. From 1 January 2024, HYPORT will buy 50% of its electricity with Guarantees of Origin from SHEM’s hydropower dams in the Pyrenees and 50% renewable electricity from the Fanjeaux agrivoltaic farm in the Aude (southern France).

400 Kilograms/day

Carbon-free Hydrogen

1 st

Hydrogen Pilot Site in Europe

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