How Microsoft data centre in Texas reduced CO2 emission equivalent to the daily use of over 10,000 cars with ENGIE’s Green data Centre solution?

Microsoft was looking to implement a plan that would completely transition the supply of all its data centres to renewable energy. The IT giant collaborated with ENGIE to optimize the performance of its data centre in Texas.

The ENGIE Solution: Optimizing Data Centre Energy Consumption

Since 2021, Microsoft’s data centre in Texas has been powered by hybrid wind and solar energy produced locally by ENGIE (for a period of 15 years). The main sources of electricity are procured from the Las Lomas wind farm located in the southern region of Texas and the Anson Solar Centre, Texas. This innovative integration of both wind and solar energy directly supplying Microsoft’s data centre was a significant advancement and served as a clear example of a Microsoft’s commitment to a complete shift towards fully decarbonized energy consumption. Unlike some renewable energy sources that rely on weather conditions and can be intermittent, this combined hybrid solution ensures a consistent and uninterrupted flow of large-scale energy to meet the substantial power requirements of the data centre.

To optimize the energy production at the wind and solar farms, we deployed a cutting-edge digital software solution – a smart data management platform facilitates predictive maintenance, real-time analysis of meteorological data, and continuous monitoring of energy production, further enhancing the efficiency and reliability of the entire system.

75 %

Microsoft Date Centres Powered by 2023

15 years

Renewable Energy Supply

100,000 +

Cars Equivalent of Reduced CO2 Emissions

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