How did 3 large chemical companies – Dow, Arkema and Chemours reduce their energy expenses and environmental impact of their production?

Dow, Arkema and Chemours – three leading chemical companies wanted to reduce their energy bills and the environmental impact of their production at their chemical park site in France. Established in 1917, the chemical park covers 37 hectares well adapted to a high level of activity. The companies wanted to modernize and develop the chemical park that was environmentally friendly and would help them reduce their energy consumption.

The ENGIE Solution: An integrated on-site utilities solution

ENGIE developed an integrated solution to modernize the key utilities on the site, particularly the steam utilities. By installing a new boiler room, we were able to boost efficiency by up to 10 points. The extension and renovation of the steam network allowed steam to be recovered from the neighbouring waste treatment facility, significantly limiting network losses and reducing greenhouse emissions up to 16,000 tonnes of CO2 annually. Apart from delivering operational efficiency and meeting sustainability goals, our On-site Utilities solution also produces and distributes industrial gases such as compressed air, nitrogen and oxygen-reduced air in the chemical park site. The entire park’s electrical distribution grid along with water supply and treatment is managed by ENGIE’s team of experts guaranteeing quality in terms of both production and wastewater discharge.

The treatment facility was renovated to anticipate future changes in environmental standards. A single point of contact was enabled for all three chemicals manufactures on-site to help oversee security and safety. Energy performance is managed using digital tools that use algorithms and Big Data that enables an operational approach to energy efficiency while optimizing operating costs in the long term.

20 year

Contract Duration

30 GWh/year

Electricity generated

750,000 m3

Water Treated

1,000 Tonnes

Waste Water (DCO)

5 %

Reduced Energy Consumption

16,000 Tonnes/year

CO2 Emissions Reduced (due to Steam Recovery)

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