Saudi Water Partnership Company’s Jubail 3B plant implements RO technology to generate 570,000 m3/day of portable water

Located in an arid region, Saudi Arabia relies on desalination to provide people and industry with clean water. With Jubail industrial hub located on the coast 100km north of Dammam in the eastern province of Saudi Arabia, it is an ideal site for desalination assets, utilizing distributed pipelines to transport water to key cities. Our client Saudi Water Partnership Company (SWPC) wanted to provide clean water to the cities of Riyadh and Qassim.

The ENGIE Solution: Desalination plant that serves 2 million people

A tender issued by the Saudi Water Partnership Company (SWPC) in 2020 requested for a 120MIGD  570,000 m3/day desalination plant to serve 2 million people in the cities of Riyadh and Qassim. ENGIE, won the tender on 2021 with a tariff of $0.42/m3.The ENGIE-Nesma-Ajlan consortium was the preferred bidder to develop the Jubail 3B desalination plant using clean energy under the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) structure. The Consortium comprises ENGIE (40%), Nesma Company Limited (30%) and Abdulaziz Al Ajlan Sons for Commercial and Real Estate Investment Ajlan & Bros Company (30%). ENGIE owns 100% of the Operations & Maintenance company for a 25-year term and will operate and maintain the plant.

Jubail 3B will use the reverse osmosis technology, the most efficient and sustainable desalination technology with the smallest carbon footprint. This will enhance drinking water supplies and alleviate water shortages in south-western Saudi Arabia, offering a new source of water for domestic, urban, agricultural, and industrial purposes.

Jubail 3B will contribute to this vision which seeks to reduce the country’s reliance on fossil fuels and drive the shift to clean energy. Financially, it will contribute by 2.8 billion SAR to Saudi Arabia’s GDP. The plant will also critically support the creation of local job opportunities with Saudization targets of 50% up to 5 years and 70% from 6 years onward.

2 Million

People Served

61 MW

On-site Solar PV Capacity

570,000 m3/day

Desalinated Water

380 KV

Double Circuit Transmission Line

~ 59 Km

Distributed Pipeline

58 Hectare

Total Area

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