A leading medical university in Saudi Arabia unlocks 32% energy savings with ENGIE’s Energy Efficiency Solution

Our client, a leading medical university in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), and a world-class health care complex located in Riyadh, had an annual energy consumption of 133 GWh in 2019. In line with the KSA’s  goals to achieve significant energy savings and build a more sustainable future, the university wanted to unlock energy efficiency by implementing strategies that decreased energy demand and promoted the use of environmentally friendly energy sources.

ENGIE’s energy efficiency solution focused on retrofitting the university buildings, which would significantly enhance energy utilization in areas such as air conditioning, ventilation, and other mechanical and electrical systems. In partnership with Saudi Arabia’s National Energy Services Company, Tarshid, ENGIE Solutions transformed the infrastructure of the university into high-performing assets by maximizing efficiency, minimizing costs and reducing environmental impact, while supporting knowledge transfer to local partners. We were able to deliver guaranteed energy efficiency solutions that significantly reduce energy consumption for our customer. Energy saving measures that were implemented led to the reduction in current energy consumption by 32% which is the equivalent of SAR 13.58M in annual cost savings.

Download the case study to learn how ENGIE’S Energy Efficiency solution helped the client reduce energy consumption and unlock cost savings and align with KSA’s sustainability goals.

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