31 Mar 2023

ENGIE at Gulf News: What you need to know about Solar-Powered Desalination

Latifa Lahsine, Vice President Engineering and Technical Support, Desalination: “The Middle East is a highly innovative region …taking proactive steps to address water security.”

Some of the biggest renewable-powered desalination projects ENGIE is working on in the Middle East include Jubail 3B, Yanbu 4 in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia which are utilizing solar energy to power desalination plants.

ENGIE has eight desalination plants in the region, four of which use or will use reverse osmosis (RO) technology.

Check out this full article at Gulf News featuring increasing demand for desalinated water in the region and how ENGIE, a major player in energy and water, is greening the industry by using reverse osmosis technology.

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