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ENGIE is a global energy player, a pioneer of the Energy Transition, striving to make energy affordable and reliable. We are committed to achieve Net Zero Carbon by 2045.

We invest, develop and operate low-carbon energy projects and solutions that support  Governments, Cities, Industries and Businesses achieve their energy transition goals. 

Underpinning this commitment is an ambition: to become champion of zero carbon energies.


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At the forefront of the global energy landscape, ENGIE actively leads the charge in providing low-carbon energy solutions worldwide. Operating in over 31 countries, we actively work to make energy accessible and dependable. Our pledge to achieve Net Zero Carbon by 2045 demonstrates our unwavering commitment to sustainability. We actively aspire to be the foremost advocate for zero carbon energies, driving innovation and progress in this crucial arena.

The imperative to reduce energy costs and carbon emissions is growing rapidly on a global scale, spurred by a convergence of societal and economic factors. Factors such as energy affordability, evolving consumer demands, governmental incentives, and regulatory imperatives are propelling this urgency forward. Today, we are redoubling our efforts to hasten the transition towards a carbon-neutral economy. We are investing in a diverse array of low-carbon thermal energy production, sustainable desalination solutions, and both centralized and decentralized renewable energy initiatives. We are also dedicated to providing integrated solutions aimed at enhancing the performance and energy efficiency of industries, cities, communities, and properties.

Our goal is to empower them on their respective journeys toward decarbonization, fostering a greener and more sustainable future for all.

About Us

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ENGIE’s purpose (“raison d’être”) is to act to accelerate the transition towards a carbon-neutral economy, through reduced energy consumption and more environmentally friendly solutions. The purpose brings together the company, its employees, its clients and its shareholders, and reconciles economic performance with a positive impact on people and the planet. ENGIE’s actions are assessed in their entirety and over time.

About Us

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GCC Footprint

ENGIE is active in all Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), offering efficient gas-fired power solutions, desalinated water production, district cooling, and integrated solutions for improved performance and efficiency of infrastructure and processes.


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